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Fontana, Lucio - Concetto spaziale
Fontana, Lucio
Concetto spaziale
Oil and glass on canvas, 1957

Estimated price  180.000 EUR
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Weiwei, Ai - F Size
Weiwei, Ai
F Size
Huanghuali-Wood, 2011

Estimated price  100.000 EUR
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Tàpies, Antoni - White, rope and triangle
Tàpies, Antoni
White, rope and triangle
Acrylic, pencil and assemblage on canvas, 1973

Estimated price  60.000 EUR
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Trockel, Rosemarie - Woolmark
Trockel, Rosemarie
Carpet, 1991

Estimated price  50.000 EUR
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Tàpies, Antoni - Llibre II
Tàpies, Antoni
Llibre II
Bronze, partly painted. Mounted on a metal sled, 1987

Estimated price  40.000 EUR
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Genzken, Isa - Weltempfänger "Aachenerstraße"
Genzken, Isa
Weltempfänger "Aachenerstraße"
Telescopic antenna and iron wire in cast concrete, 1992

Estimated price  35.000 EUR
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Boetti, Alighiero e - Cinque x Cinque venticinque
Boetti, Alighiero e
Cinque x Cinque venticinque
Embroidery on canvas, mounted on a wooden plate, 1985

Estimated price  30.000 EUR
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Thek, Paul - Untitled (Blue Seascape)
Thek, Paul
Untitled (Blue Seascape)
Gouache on newsprint, New York Times of May 29,..., 1970

Estimated price  30.000 EUR
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